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Making Green Juice

Your Most Reliable Middle Eastern Food Products Supplier

Ever since Sabra began in 1978, its name has been synonymous with outstanding Middle Eastern cuisine.

Sabra has perfected its skill by adding together the freshest ingredients available and transforming them into "ambrosia". The true art of Sabra's creativity lies in the subtle use and variation of ingredients which make each product an exciting new experience. What also sets Sabra apart from its competitors is the noticeable lack of preservatives.

Sabra's popularity increased so rapidly that by 1984, in addition to our ongoing restaurant and catering business, we decided to share several of our products with the general public through wholesale packaging and distribution, and today proudly supplies some of Boston's most prominent universities, hospitals and supermarket chains.  

A recent consumer survey indicates that most consumers choose Sabra Foods products over other brands for a variety of reasons, including: freshness and quality of ingredients, originality of taste and texture, product variety and absence of chemical preservatives.

The processing operation of Sabra Wholesale Foods is entirely compatible with the latest HACCP principles. Our processing areas are fully refrigerated, and all personnel adhere to strict hygienic and sanitary guidelines. Food samples are regularly monitored by a certified laboratory.

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