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Sabra's classic recipe for 20% tahini puree added to a fresh mixture of chickpeas, lemon juice and garlic. Very thick and spreadable ~ great on bagels! Most other Mediterranean food that is available for purchase is simply flavored Hommus - Hommus with parsley, Hommus with garlic, Hommus with roasted pepper, and so on. Sabra showcases a much more diverse selection of Mediterranean foods.

Statements that can be made about this product: Cholesterol free, High in iron, High in fiber, High in calcium 

Nutritional evaluation: Although Hommus is traditionally eaten as an appetizer, its nutritional quality surpasses that of many entrees. The combinations of sesame seeds (tahini) and garbanzo beans in Hommus provides 13 grams of complete protein in one serving.  One serving of Hommus provides one-fifth the daily amount of protein recommended for the average person. Hommus is also an excellent source of three nutrients often found lacking in the diets of American women and small children - calcium, iron and ascorbic acid.

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